Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, Jessie ventured to North Carolina to study at Elon University, where a double major in Theatre Studies and English accidentally ignited a passion for playwriting.


Now back in the city that she loves, Jessie works in the children's department of a suburban library, where she gets to answer important questions like "where are the Disney princess books?" She's currently working toward her Masters of Library and Information Science at Dominican University with a focus on youth services, so she can get even better at locating Disney Princess books. She also moonlights as a theatre critic for Splash Magazine.

Jessie's plays have been produced by Dandelion Theatre, Compass Creative Dramatics, and Elon University's student production company, Renegade. Her flash fiction piece "Ink" was selected by Newberry Award-winning author Kelly Barnhill as a winner at the Book Stall's inaugural fiction writing contest. She read that piece as an opener for Ms. Barnhill's reading.

In her spare time, Jessie can be found practicing her violin (if she's feeling productive) or binge-watching competitive cooking shows (if she isn't). Her hair color changes frequently, and she enjoys being compared to Ramona Flowers.

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