Cinderella (Saves the World!) fundraiser performance

My children's play Cinderella (Saves the World!) was produced as Compass Creative Dramatics' annual fundraiser, in which adult actors played the roles usually played by children.

When the local superhero league announces it's looking for new members, Cinderella is eager to try out so she can make the world a better place. The only problem is (unlike her lazy stepsisters) she wasn’t born with a superpower! But a group of friendly scientists have a few tricks up their sleeves, and with their assistance (plus the help of some curious kittens and a very mysterious group of elderly folk) Cinderella just might find a way to save the world!

The Wonder Emporium


In June 2017, this short play was featured in Dandelion Theatre's The Ticket Booth, a collection of nine plays set at ticket booths in Chicago. At the Wonder Emporium, an adventurous traveler can purchase a ticket not just to another place—but to another universe. 

Featuring Christina Grace Ward as Erin, Charm Tims as Marigold, and R.D. Hatchet as the Ticket Booth Attendant. Directed by Molly Burns. All photos by Les Rorick.


From the halls of a Catholic high school to the desk of Sigmund Freud, Deviants explores the topic of BDSM through a myriad of times, places, and relationships.​

Read Deviants in its entirety or a ten-page sample of the script on the New Play Exchange.

Poster design by Emily Andras.

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